Recommended Products

Dr. Offit presents an excellent history of the autism-vaccine controversy. He discusses the body of international research related to autism and vaccines. If you want to understand the autism-vaccine controversy, why it started, why it will not go away, and what science has shown us, read this book.

Dr. Karp gives parents strategies to deal with their crying infants. My wife read this prior to our first child. Of course, I was skeptical (that is my nature after all). I quickly because a believer, especially regarding the 5 "S's" and the art of swaddling a baby (aka, the baby straight jacket).

This book by Dr. Karp gives strategies to dealing with your child during the "caveman" years. These easy to follow techniques will help when you feel your child is possessed by the devil.

This is a great referrence books. Buy it, put it on the shelf and wait. At some point at 2 in the morning, you will need it. Before you Google for an answer about your child, look through this book that is published by the American Academy of Pediatrics. You will thank me later.