My Mission

One thing I have learned is that having a child creates an overwhelming sense of anxiety in parents. Some more than others, but all parents have some degree of worry about their child. This makes sense from an evolutionary perspective. Parents that are concerned about their child are more likely to be responsive to the child's needs, and, thus, promote survival.

However, we are not cavemen anymore, and yet this overwhelming anxiety persists. In this day and age, I believe this anxiety probably does more harm than good. It takes an emotional toll on parents, creates the unneeded expense of doctor's visits and, in the extreme, has emotional effects on the child.

Here is the catch: Parental anxiety is what drives my industry. We would need a lot less pediatricians if parents knew what was normal and when to really worry. I spend much more time each day explaining to parents that their child is normal and going to be fine, than I do actually treating, preventing, or curing any disease. So in a way, if I could pass on this understanding of children's health to parents, letting them know when to worry and when not to, I would make myself obsolete. So be it. Let's get started.